School storiesVirtual museum

Students in Mr. Milner’s World History class have now completed their virtual museum exhibits. The exhibit is now open to the public for everyone to visit. 

Take a virtual tour of the museum HERE! Enjoy yourself.

A quick retrospective

Since the beginning of this project, students have been exploring modern day problems in correlation with industrialization over the centuries. 

After studying artists from the 18th century and how they expressed their feelings about industrialization, students researched current issues in the world relating to industrialization. After conducting this research our Allison Academy students either created or located artistic expressions which reflect these modern issues. Our Generation Z students are able to most closely relate to expressions of 21st century industrialization. 


This exhibit offers amazing insight into the most important global topics. As a visitor, you will be able to learn more about child labor; gold, diamond and lithium mining; forest fires; plastic in oceans; the refugee crisis; hunger in Somalia; modern day slavery; and, surveillance technology.

We are very proud of our students and Mr. Milner, who show interest in raising awareness about these problems.

Don’t forget to visit our Virtual Museum!