Do you want to see the world through the eyes of an artist? 

Allison Academy provides students with an opportunity to express and develop their creativity, as one of the most important skills of the future. This is why Allison Academy formed an Art club a place where visual art encourages imagination and creative thinking. 

Students with a penchant for art will be able to create, design, draw, and paint, but also to learn different techniques used both in traditional, and contemporary art. 

Although creativity and innovativeness are considered a natural gift, they are actually skills that can be developed through our creative workshops. 

Visual art - A combination of tradition and modern technologies

The Art club underlines the benefits of the concept of multimedia education. Members of the Art club will master a number of various forms of visual art, such as painting, drawing, photography, film or graphics. The club will provide students with all the necessary materials and colors that they may need for their creative projects. 

All these works of art are created to stimulate through visual experience, and our students will have the opportunity to specialize in a particular technique and genre. 

Students are not lacking in imagination, and this is precisely how we want them to demonstrate their talent and skill, and observe the world from another, artistic standpoint. Whether they use traditional techniques such as water colors, or modern computer-aided techniques, they will be able to express their creativity and a range of emotions through their works. They will be guided in that adventure by Mrs. Milner who is the leader of the Art club, and will help students to work on their creativity. 

The workshop aims to adapt to the interests of each student, so in addition to traditional forms, students can also choose applied arts, i.e. graphic and fashion design, and decorative art. 

The power of creativity and innovation

Is there anything better than the originality and uniqueness of one’s thoughts, ideas, and works? 

Visual art is the research of visual imagination, and insistence on the unique artistic expression of each student. Creativity is defined as the use of imagination to create something new and original, which is why Allison Academy emphasizes the importance of creativity in art, and focuses on this unique human quality that no technological innovation is able to replicate.   

The purpose of creativity is the skillful application of knowledge in different life situations, and that requires courage and getting out of one’s comfort zone. By using these innovative methods, students will be able to experience every change as an opportunity. 

The purpose of creative learning is to achieve success in one’s future profession, and it is also the best way for translating children’s imagination and play into business circumstances. 

Become a member of the Art club

If you see yourself as an artist and want to develop your creative thinking skills, our Art club is the right place for you. 

By freely experimenting with different materials with the aim of expressing their emotions and ideas, students will be able to observe the world around them with an open mind. That is why art is a perfect tool for developing the most important skills needed for success and productivity. 

Join our Art club and represent Allison Academy in a creative way! 


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