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A multicultural environment supporting diversity

A quality education and our students’ results are the best confirmation of our success. This is why Allison Academy’s primary motivation and mission is to help its students become citizens of the world whose knowledge, ideas and actions will make them successful people and role models for future generations. Our goal is to inspire our diverse community of students and to promote moral, intellectual, physical and academic excellence so that each of them may rise to honorable achievements, and contribute to the common good.

A quality education as the key to success gives us the ability to properly perceive the world around us, to make the right decisions and to use our opportunities in the best way possible. Our program places an emphasis on meeting individual needs through small class sizes and a nurturing environment where each student’s self-esteem is valued and developed. This is why our mission is to give our students the strength and wisdom to change the world for the better through their decisions.

Having a vision that our school is a place where new ideas are born, talents nourished and knowledge expanded, we would like to encourage our students and parents both to join us in our common efforts and share with us the joy of our successes.

Students - Allison Academy private, secondary school in North Miami Beach

Values we cherish

Our school works in partnership with each student’s parents to help them develop a life-long love for learning, a healthy self-image, and a positive attitude that will allow each student to grow academically, emotionally, socially and intellectually.

Students come to our school not because they have to but because they want to, which is of paramount importance to us. This is why we try to provide an environment that promotes learning and socializing and which reflects the values that we cherish.

It is important that students learn to be just, fair and honest with themselves and with others. During the process of development our students become more self-aware, they develop ambition and they become capable of making self-assessments and expressing their own opinions. These are all qualities necessary to build relationships with others. We encourage them to form their own opinions, beliefs and value system through the cultivation of personal integrity. We also promote openness to multiculturalism and preserving the world’s cultural heritage.

Healthy environment for all

Allison Academy is a healthy environment both ecologically and ethically. We encourage our students to develop and practice healthy lifestyles. It is significant that they are aware of the importance of their own health and safety, as well as the need for nurturing and developing their own physical ability. 

Healthy environment for Allison Academy students

It is crucial that our students practice healthy habits, become environmentally aware, and are able to contribute to the protection and preservation of nature and the environment through responsible actions.

We support diversity

At our school all students are equal, regardless of sex, financial status, nationality or religion, and we pay special attention to respecting human rights, and nourishing friendships. Our multi-cultural environment reflects the city in which we are located, and the community in which we are pledged to support through our community service projects.

A school with no limits

Allison Academy practices a non- discriminatory policy and does not discriminate on the basis of disability, race, color, creed, ethnicity, national origin, or sexual orientation/identity. We admit students who possess the motivation, ability, and character which will enable them to succeed in our school environment.

Fostering diversity from day one

As the mission statement attests, diversity is the fundamental essence within the Allison Academy community. We have been a progressively diverse school since our founding in 1983, reflecting the city in which we are located.

Allison Academy is committed to providing access and diversity, as it reflects the multicultural, ethnic, and economic backgrounds found within our community. The spirit of inclusion remains as true today, as it was 28 years ago. Allison Academy remains a leader amongst private institutions in the size and scope of its financial aid budget. Within the last 28 years, Allison Academy has awarded financial aid to qualifying students totaling an average of 25% of its operating budget, helping to create a socio-economically diverse campus.

The academic programs here at Allison Academy are designed to engage our students. It is our goal to help them understand, and appreciate the commonalities and the differences among diverse cultures, races, national origins, and religions. Our English classes read world literature, while our language classes study language, culture, and travel to target countries.

Our Admissions Office actively seeks to identify and enroll qualified students from diverse backgrounds who are committed to working hard, and participating in the school community.

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