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What do others say about the school?

At our school all students are equal, regardless of sex, financial status, nationality or religion, and we pay special attention to respecting human rights, and nourishing friendships. Our multi-cultural environment reflects the city in which we are located, and the community in which we are pledged to support through our community service projects.

Don’t be afraid to open new doors, because you may be surprised what is on the other side

“All of us had different backgrounds when we entered here, but we’re leaving as proud students of Allison Academy with a common desire to be successful. An unexpected trip to Florida with my parents turned into the beginning of a beautiful and successful experience for me. At the beginning, I felt scared and sad, and now I’m standing straight with a huge smile on my face. My parents and the dedicated teachers and staff of Allison Academy are responsible for that, and of course, friends who helped me overcome every fear and every obstacle, and for that I’m so grateful to each and every one of them.

I saw a door closing in New York, and another opening in Florida. I did not know what would be behind that door, although I was willing to take on a challenge. Be fearless, have courage, have faith, and always pick love, and don’t hesitate to open that door, because you may be surprised what is on the other side, you may end up on the stage giving a speech and being called a valedictorian. Thank you parents for being here every day. Thank you faculty and staff for providing us with the tools necessary to succeed, and finally congratulations to fellow graduates on this great and awesome achievement. Now let’s go and show to the world what we are: the great class of Allison Academy 2022!“

Rafaella, Valedictorian, Class of 2022

The best memories originate from this school

“It feels like yesterday we started our high school life. Yesterday has been long, but short. Long because of all the works, the essays, and other obligations that hit us along the way, but short because of the friendships, amazing memories, and surely amazing things that we went through during our high school journey. First of all, I want to thank Mrs. Fernandez, Mrs. Carolyne, and all the Allison Academy staff for doing an amazing job with us throughout this school year. Secondly, I want to thank my guys. You guys are friends who became brothers.

Finally, I want to thank my parents. My sister and I lost both of our parents in the recent earthquake. Since moving back to the USA I promised myself the only way to make my parents proud is to stay on top of my grades. Mom, I’m graduating with the 2nd highest GPA in my classroom! Besides this, I got a scholarship from Nova Southeastern University to pursue a career in Information Technology. My goal is to become a successful Information Technologist Specialist for Google. If I could leave my classmates and you guys a message for a whole life today, it would be: Love the people you have around you, because at any point of your life, they could be gone. I hope you guys have — time through life and I know for a fact that we’ll meet at the top.”

Ricard, Graduate, Class of 2022

Professional and friendly staff help you achieve the impossible

“I’m starting by thanking my family who’ve been my support system my entire life, especially my mom, and who’ve helped me through all the positive along with negative events. I want to thank the staff and teachers at Allison Academy who I’ve known for a little over a year but I’m sure will continue to make an impact on my life. Specifically, I’d like to thank Mrs. Carolyn and Mrs. Milner not only for making the best possible, but for Mrs. Carolyn who was the first person I’ve met here and made sure I have a smooth transition. Mr. Milner along with Mr. V who will always go out of their way for his students. Mrs. Milner who always made our class a lot of fun, and of course Mrs. Alexandra who always has her door open for students through stressful or fun times.I’d also like to thank my fellow graduates for all the memories made during my time here. As for my future, I will be going to Nova SouthEast University this fall, intending to go into a pharmaceutical field along with a degree in business, management, and marketing.”

Josephina, Graduate, Class of 2022

It is my honor to be a part of the Allison Academy community

“First of all I want to thank my parents for all the unconditional love that they’ve shown throughout my whole life. Maybe it’s a little bit cliche, but I’m proud to say that I feel so blessed to be here today right across a very important chapter in my life. It is my honor to be a part of the Allison Academy community. Thank you so much!”

Melany, Graduate, Class of 2022

Support, uplift, and sharing kind words as determinants of Allison Academy

“My name is Owayvon, and I’d like to start by saying thank you all for the amazing past 4 years at Allison Academy. I know I’m not really known for speaking but I would like to say thank you all for supporting me, uplifting and sharing kind words throughout these past years of high school. I would like to thank my classmates for always being great friends, companions and I respect all of you as siblings. Also I would like to thank my mother for being an amazing inspiration.”

Owayvon, Graduate, Class of 2022

I’ve found Allison Academy as a second family

“Since the beginning of the 8th grade I’ve found Allison Academy as a second family. I want to start off thanking all my caring, amazing teachers and friends. I especially want to say thank you to Mr. V who made a huge impact on me, by supporting me for the last five years. You’ve taught me life lessons and guided me through high school. Teachers that have also made a huge impact on me are Mr. and Mrs. Milner. Both of you have taught me how to be strong, work hard and put my all into everything I do. I would really like to thank my principal Mrs. Fernandez. Thank you for always pushing me past my limits and conditional support and love you’ve been giving me during my awesome Allison Academy experience is something I could never thank you enough.

And to all my other classmates, thank you for such an honorable year. I couldn’t ask for a better class to graduate with! Next year I’m attending Lynn University and I’m looking forward to studying fashion and design and beginning this new exciting stage of my life.”

Daniella, Graduate, Class of 2022

Every day here is a day to look forward to

“Even though this is my first and the only year at Allison, everyone here has made me feel welcome and part of the family. I want to thank everyone in the senior class for making every day here a day to look forward to, and to all of the trips and memories we shared. Also, I want to thank all the teachers for helping me get through my senior year. I want to thank my family, my parents especially. The next step in my life is taking me to Santa Fe College. I wish the best to each one of my classmates and I know you all are going to do great things.”

Eden, Graduate, Class of 2022

Amazing staff, teachers, and friends made my school journey remarkable

“First of all, I want to thank my teachers for all they’ve done for me and helped me through my school life and making school feel like home. My friends, I love you all and thank you for making this moment always to remember. Lastly, I want to thank my parents, my mom and my dad, for being the best parents in the world and for pushing me through my shoulders to be the person I’m today. I love you both so much, thank you!”

Daniel, Graduate, Class of 2022

The new and unique experience

“I’ve only been at this school for four months, but being at this school has been quite a new and unique experience. I have grown from experiences and I’ve spent a happy 4 months of my senior year at Allison Academy. I’ve met 12 wonderful people and created friendships that I’ll never forget. I’m so happy that I’ve met you all and I know that you all are going to succeed no matter what you decide to do. I’ll miss you all but don’t see this as an end, see this as a beginning of a new adventure.

Last, but not least, I want to thank my five wonderful teachers I’ve met this year. I’ve created a bond with you guys, like no other and I’ll be sad to leave. I want to thank you guys for preparing me for the future to come, and I’ll miss you guys daily. Last of all, I want to thank the parents. You guys are wonderful human beings and without you guys I wouldn’t be standing here today. I want to sincerely thank my mom and dad, without them I don’t know where I’ll be right now. I’ll be continuing my future at Nova Southeastern University, majoring in business management. Thank you all again, my fellow seniors, congratulations!”

Catherine, Graduate, Class of 2022

The first hello and the last goodbye are always the hardest

“The first and the last day are always the hardest. On the first day, me and my classmates kind of saw each other as strangers and now we all are really good friends. I want to thank my parents, teachers, and classmates for helping me get through high school. Thank you to my parents who are always there to support me. Thank you to my teachers for helping me get through high school and getting me this far. And thank you to everybody else who supported me, because their support is what got me through high school.”

Mia, Graduate, Class of 2022

This place helped me get to know myself

I will keep in touch with all my teachers and classmates from Allison Academy. I know I can always come to them for advice and support, we laughed and cried together, sometimes both at the same time. This place helped me get to know myself, be proud of my origin and become the best version of myself. Our future successes are your legacy.

Melissa Quintana, former student

A family-oriented environment really helped me to learn faster

I came from Brazil and I was having difficulty with English. Being in a small classroom with just a few students and having a family-oriented environment really helped me to learn English faster and to do well in school.

Clodyne Teixeira, student who graduated as the valedictorian with a 4.0 grade-point-average and attends the University of Miami to study International Business now.

I learned a lot here and I am ready for college

I would like to thank Allison Academy for accepting me when I almost gave up my education. I would like to thank my teachers for making learning interesting. I learned a lot here and I am happy to say I am ready for college and I will study Business Administration.

Mike Lebrun, former student

Small groups promote high academic performance

I enrolled my son Nial at Allison Academy when he was young because I felt that he needed to be in a smaller setting to master basic skills and improve his academic performance. I also wanted to put him in the right environment that would be conductive to learning. The public schools are overcrowded which makes learning very difficult.
Nial, a confident young man who graduated from Allison Academy, is a professional actor, model, producer, writer and the Chief Executive Officer of his own production company. Nial’s youngest brother, Adrial, attended Allison Academy’s summer school program.

Nial Martin’s mother, a full-time 2nd grade teacher with the Miami-Dade County public school system.

I felt equal and accepted

I am very grateful to my teachers and everyone at Allison Academy for the wonderful educational experience. But most of all I am happy because I felt equal and accepted from my friends here, from the very first day I entered the classroom.

Aaron Rosenberg, former student

Focus on student’s self-esteem and personal attention given

My son Renzo was in public school and not progressing as I felt that he should, so I enrolled him in Allison Academy. For the first time, Renzo began to feel successful and to actually enjoy school and learning. His self-confidence increased and he continued to improve his academic achievement. Renzo was in Allison for six years, and graduated in 2010.

He is pursuing his career goal to become a law enforcement officer. I credit Allison Academy’s program of small classes, personal attention, and focus on the student’s self-esteem for Renzo’s success. He truly felt that his teachers and the administration had his best interest in mind while he was a student. In addition, the exceptional quality of the close friends that Renzo made at Allison, made me know that he was in the right environment for middle and high school. He participated in sports and was on the basketball team, which gave him an added high school interest.

During Renzo’s time at Allison, I served as President of the Parent Teacher Student Association and found the parents cooperative and highly supportive of the school and its programs. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Allison Academy and continue to remain in touch with the school and to support the school.

Cathy Figallo, Renzo’s mother

I am going to study Medicine

Before Allison Academy some of the subjects lost my interest because they were presented to me as a job, not with creativity, imagination and inspiration. I am grateful to my teachers because here I regained my love for the arts and music. Thanks to them I even found the father figure I needed. I am happy to say I am going to study Medicine.

Benton Jacques, former student

Our school takes pride in having future leaders, innovators and outside-the-box thinkers for its students

The teachers at Allison Academy are experienced and able to take a unique approach with each student. Thanks to the top-quality education that our teachers have obtained and relevant years of experience in education, they are able to inspire our students and to prepare them for the educational challenges that lie ahead.

Allison Academy’s learning environment, which encompasses interactive and multidisciplinary lessons, allows the teachers to dedicate themselves to each student individually so as to provide them with the best possible education.

Continual professional development and following global trends in their respective fields is an additional quality of our teachers. This allows the students to acquire applicable skills through a modern approach to teaching. Thanks to the teachers’ dedication, the students can master the materials much more easily, which brings multiple benefits later on in their schooling.

A place for growth and development

Allison Academy cherishes not only its students, but its teachers, as well, which is why we constantly strive to provide them with the perfect environment for growth and development.

The fact that, after a hard day’s work, the teachers leave the school fulfilled and happy with their workplace, provides the students with an incentive for even greater achievements.

The positive words of Allison Academy’s teachers are proof that these are schools in which the teachers truly are the students’ best friends.

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