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As scientists continue to make advances in long-term space exploration, finding a cost effective way to grow quality, nutrient rich food in space has become an important obstacle to overcome.  

This topic was interesting for Allison Academy students who once again decided to participate in the “Fairchild Challenge” with their teacher, Mr. Gilfoy.

Effects of Varying Fertilizer Applications On The Growth of Wasabina Mustard

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Allison Academy students adhered to the research protocols provided by the “Fairchild Challenge” team and the Kennedy Space Center. They planted Wasabina Mustard (the scientific name being Brassica juncea) and their results were absolutely amazing!

If you are interested in this topic, don’t forget to take a look at the project of our students Daniel Horowitz, Melissa Quintana, Miles Scherer, Ilana Smith, Mateo Tuda, and Caleb Young and find out if Wasabina Mustard is well suited for space cultivation.

Check out the Growing Beyond Earth project!