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An interesting, fun and educational summer program for students

Allison Academy’s mission is not to simply help students master the curriculum, but to make them fall in love with learning, and make learning an everyday activity motivated by a real thirst for knowledge and advancement. 

Our school strives to awaken the students’ desire for constant intellectual development and lifelong learning. 

Each year, Allison Academy organizes a Summer School aimed at encouraging students to spend their free time in a rational, productive and efficient manner – by learning and acquiring skills in the school’s positive and inspiring environment.

Use this unique opportunity to make your summer break interesting, useful and full of quality content and apply via this form or via phone number 305-940-3922.

What can you expect at the Summer School?

This great program enables you to develop skills in the area of your choice in an informal and inspiring environment. Summer School combines learning and fun, so apply now and have an active summer full of interesting content!

It is tailored to the educational needs of students who wish to excel in certain subjects and facilitate future academic challenges, fueling their desire for achievement and learning.

Improve your skills in English, math, science courses or other areas which you can list in the form below.

If you didn’t achieve what you aimed for during the school year, don’t worry – use the Summer School program to your advantage and make up for what you lost.

Apart from acquiring skills in different areas and collecting points, the Summer School program enables students to make up for lost points, which is great news!

Students completing the full program will be able to earn two credits which can be added to their cumulative total or in the case of students with pending credits, they will be able to compensate for them at Summer School.

Why choose our Summer School?


Why you shouldn't miss the Allison Academy Summer School

Allison Academy strives to always be there for its students and meet all of their educational needs.

This is why the school is organizing the Summer School in order to help you spend the summer break in a productive and effective manner:

  • learn what you like
  • develop sets of skills necessary for academic success
  • spend time with your classmates
  • make new friends
  • make this summer break interesting and full of useful activities
  • earn additional points
  • make up for lost points
  • revise and learn

The Summer School is an opportunity to spend this summer in a truly different fashion, enjoying fun and purposeful activities.

Use the summer break to learn and have fun

The desire to learn and develop shouldn’t end with the start of the summer break; it should constantly inspire us to use all available resources in order to strive towards academic excellence.

Allison Academy offers a great opportunity to take part in the Summer School program where students can expand their knowledge and compensate for the credits they may have missed during academic the school year.

The Summer School is the perfect opportunity to do something useful for yourself and have lots of fun. Is there a better way to spend the summer break?

The price of the Summer School program is $400 a week for full days and $350 a week for half days an at reduced prices, you will be able to attend math, english, and science courses, or other popular courses for which a sufficient number of students have applied.

Don’s miss this great opportunity offered by your school. Always strive to make the most of your summer break – develop your skills, broaden your knowledge, meet new people, and enjoy quality activities that will make you feel productive and dedicated to your personal development.

Make this summer break truly different

Fill out this form and secure a place in the Summer School program

We promise a useful, interesting and top-quality program!

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