Every school has sport enthusiasts among its students. For all those among you who enjoy sports and possess a competitive spirit, Allison Academy organizes sports clubs so as to help students express their athleticism after classes.

Apart from the fact that playing sports is crucial from maintaining good health and motor skills, the true appeal of sports lies in the fact that it arouses one’s competitive spirit, ambition, and the desire for improvement. Playing sports and physical activity also positively influence intellectual abilities, which is a priority in Allison Academy’s care for its students. 

When it comes to Allison Academy sports clubs, we can proudly say that our basketball club is especially successful and popular, and that it helps our students develop their talent and potential to become successful athletes in the future. Basketball is a sport that relies on teamwork, the Allison Academy basketball club provides students with an opportunity to develop their skills of harmonious cooperation and mutual coordination, which are among the most useful skills in life. 

Let’s see why you should join our basketball club.

Basketball helps strengthen the whole organism

Basketball is a dynamic sport that requires strong skills, coordination, endurance and strength, given that basketball players are required to move quickly, be alert, and continuously change direction with short and frequent muscle contractions. All this is highly stressful for the organism, and demands intensive practice with the aim of achieving the greatest efficiency of players.

The Allison Academy basketball club organizes practice several times a week so that players could train intensively enough to strengthen their organism and body without exhausting themselves. Basketball is beneficial in many ways, because it strengthens muscles, improves joint mobility, and increases one’s overall balance and spatial coordination. 

The decision to play basketball will bring a positive impact on your overall health, and will help you build up your physical endurance, strong bones, and flexibility.

Developing talent

The Allison Academy basketball club welcomes both those who have the ambition to play basketball professionally, and those who play it for pleasure. The most important principle of our school’s basketball club is that it treats everyone the same, regardless of their talent and potential, providing them with the same training that teaches basic basketball skills, as well as more advanced ones, for those who choose so. 

Students will have the opportunity to practice dribbling, passing and shooting, as well as to improve their coordination and strategic sport thinking by practicing these techniques.

Team spirit in its purest form

As one of the sports that is practically entirely based on skillful team coordination, the Allison Academy basketball club helps students to develop a sense of camaraderie, quality cooperation, and to recognize each other’s talent. By feeling as a part of a well-functioning team, students develop a team competitive spirit, so that each sports victory is at the same time their own victory, and the victory of the whole team. 

Given that basketball is an intensively dynamic sport, students who become part of our basketball team develop a sense of verbal and non-verbal communication with their teammates, which greatly impacts the development of their emotional intelligence.

Proudly represent the school colors

Those who prove themselves as the most useful team members will have the opportunity to represent Allison Academy at a number of sporting events, both at school, as well as at regional and national tournaments. For students who nurture athletic spirit, as well as for the school itself, it is very important that they proudly represent the ideas of their school, and to maintain its reputation as an institution that cultivates fair play and fights for the best results with dignity.

Join our team

The goal of this school club is to recognize talented athletes and help them shape and develop their talent in the desired direction, as well as to provide a healthy and constructive hobby for those who want to play basketball as a form of exercise. 

If you recognize a strong athletic spirit in yourself and have the desire to improve and achieve the best results in sports, we invite you to join our Allison Academy basketball club. 

Let’s play ball!

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