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How Allison Academy’s students develop their social skills and emotional intelligence

The middle school and high school years are the most turbulent period in every student’s life and they represent a key phase in every adolescents maturation into young adulthood. That is why our teachers are always at their disposal and through different, fun opportunities they make each student feel ready to reach their full potential.

Using modern teaching and counseling methods, they help students define their personality traits, overcome challenges and stay motivated, but they also prepare them for real-life and work-related situations that await them.

Student development at Allison Academy

Allison Academy sees its students of the future as highly educated, successful, modern and above all responsible individuals. It is very important for them to realize the impact of their personal actions on individuals and society in general.

At our Allison Academy campus in North Miami Beach, students develop their empathy and ethical values in a multitude of interesting ways. They explore and inquire about the things that interest them. Every day, month, and year they gain new and valuable experiences, learn from them and apply the said knowledge in practice.


Each child can achieve amazing results if they are given the right kind of attention and instruction

students studyingEach student is different and they learn in different ways. Our faculty follows the progress of each student and helps them find the learning techniques that suit them the most and that enable them to achieve the best results. As they guide them with useful advice teachers make sure that each subject is taught in an interesting way and that students exchange what they have learned with each other.

During the workshops focusing on different kinds of learning styles, students are able to overcome any challenges they may be facing while learning and receiving concrete suggestions about effective methods for overcoming the said challenges.

Each child can achieve excellent results if they receive the right kind of attention and instruction. That is why employees at Allison Academy are there to provide services, teach students and encourage them to work to their full potential.


Actively acquiring social skills through interesting workshops and programs

Workshops as a form of learning through experience represent a popular teaching method at schools all around the world and because of this they constitute an integral part of Alison Academy’s teaching. A workshop is a meeting at which a group of people engage in intensive discussion and activity on a particular subject or project. As a specific form of teaching, workshops guarantee the success of active student learning. Along with the students, a number of guest teachers, and the school support staff also take part in the workshops. Thus far, students have attended workshops on topics like tolerance in society, AIDS prevention, addictions, sex ed, etc.

Through the workshops, students were able to develop their communication skills, their team spirit, compassion and tolerance, social intelligence and leadership skills. Through direct and active participation, each student takes part and learns how to hold their own in a group and contribute creatively. In addition, through conversations and debates students connect with and relate to each other even more which further solidifies their friendships.


Developing sports skills, team spirit, a healthy lifestyle and fairness

Students also test their skills in various sports like basketball and volleyball.

What we would especially like to highlight are the activities that familiarize our students with the potential jobs they may have in the future.

Always good to participate in extracurricular activities when applying for admissions to higher education.


Different extracurricular activities cater to the particular interests of each student

Different extracurricular activitiesWhat makes Allison Academy students special are their uniqueness and eclectic interests. In order to hone in on their interests in the best way possible different extracurricular activities are organized at Allison Academy.

Students have the opportunity to pursue what interests them the most and are encouraged to discover other potential talents.

All student interests can serve as the starting point for efficient learning and in such cases student motivation. At Allison Academy, no wish is denied, but merely adapted to be practical, educational and fun. With this kind of teaching, students develop their sense of individuality which is of key importance for their further education and career/degree path selection once they graduate from Allison Academy.


The young leaders of tomorrow organize charity events

The events hosted by Allison Academy are often charitable in their nature. Nowadays, people have become somewhat alienated from each other and that is why it is necessary to help students develop a sense of empathy and a positive outlook on the world and their surroundings in order to become kind and considerate individuals.

Each student is in some way involved in school events and that way they gain insight into their own abilities and affinities. Apart from their charitable and empathetic nature, our students also initiate various events to contribute to their environment and communities.


The school and parents partner up to guarantee a successful future for the student

Educating our students includes both instilling knowledge and the right kind of values to allow them to become fine and upstanding individuals. Allison Academy places great emphasis on the above mentioned role of education. The school’s relationship and cooperation with parents plays an essential role in bringing this goal to fruition as well. The school and parents act as pillars, when joined together, support students in reaching their potential in the best way possible.

Allison Academy fosters open communication with parents, mutual understanding, the exchange of suggestions and ideas that guide students towards achieving their academic aspirations and life goals. The partnership with parents is the essential lining on every student’s journey towards becoming a leader of tomorrow.

All of the efforts and activities we mentioned aim to adapt students in the best possible way to the demands of the real-world environment and to make sure that their immersion in it is followed by all-around success. Allison Academy students develop their critical thinking skills, expand their horizons and open their minds to new ideas, cultivate their worldview and become culturally aware, learn how to evaluate information and apply it both in their lives and in a professional setting as alumni of Allison Academy.

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