The development of technology is rapidly changing our environment, as such, it is necessary for students to keep up with the trends in the field of science, information technologies, and robotics, as well as to acquire the skills of the digital age.

Students are increasingly showing interest in technology, and at all levels, at Allison Academy we give students the opportunity to step into the portal of technology and acquire the necessary skills for success in our modern world.

Robots as an ideal educational tool

The purpose of the robotics club is for students to learn how to code and write commands for robots through play. By programming and controlling robots, students will step into the world of science, acquiring knowledge and skills that will be useful and applicable beyond the classroom.

Usually students show most interest in learning and discovering how to tell robots what to do, and seeing how their commands affect the robot’s motions. . Such robots will try to replicate walking, speech, cognition, or any other human activity according to the level of coding programmed.

Robots require a certain level of computer programming, and are known to be widely applicable, which makes them an ideal technology for the future. Given that the field of robotics continues to develop, students inadvertently will have to learn to master these skills, because it will likely be in every field of study in the coming years.

Why is robotics important for the future?

Robotics includes the design, construction, operation and application of robots. The purpose of robotics is to design machines that will help people by repeating and imitating human activities without external control. Hence the growing interest in the field of artificial intelligence which is developing more and more and is becoming a profession of the future. 

In our robotics club, students will have the opportunity to design, build and program robots to perform certain functions by using robotics applications designed for coding. This is a perfect opportunity for your child to show their interest in the field of robotics, and Allison Academy will contribute to the development of their technological skills, and knowledge needed for the future.   

Given the growing interest in this field, the robotics club is the perfect choice both for students who want to work in this field, and for creative minds alike, because it helps them develop innovative, progressive and logical thinking. Robotics has great potential to positively transform everyone’s life in the future, so it is very important that students acquire technological knowledge and skills needed for emerging professions.

Therefore, the robotics club is a place for students who want to secure their future career in the world of technology on time.

Join our robotics club

This is the best way to familiarize yourself with the world of modern technologies, and to build the foundations for your future career in the IT industry. Given the fact that this industry is developing at a tremendous rate, the need for experts will continue to grow, and now you have a chance to prepare yourself for the most promising jobs of the future. 

The robotics club invites you to join us!

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