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Sarah Allison – Founder

Allison Academy Founder Dr. Sarah AllisonDr. Sarah Allison founded Allison Academy as a private school in 1983. The school grew out of the Reading, Math &Learning Center in North Miami Beach, which started in 1970 as a specialized supplemental program providing testing, tutoring, and other educational services.

Dr. Allison is an alumna of Nova University where she earned her Doctorate in early and middle childhood education specializing in varying exceptionalities and reading. She was an adjunct professor beginning in 1993, and has a Master’s Degree from Florida State University in reading, special education, and psychology, and a Bachelor of Science from Auburn University in elementary education.

Prior to founding Allison Academy, Dr. Allison served as consultant to private schools and has taught in public schools in Broward and Gadsden Counties. She is a member of the Board of the Association of Independent Schools of Florida where she has held offices and is a Director Emerita. She was awarded the Alan O”Such Outstanding Service Award, and the Distinguished Educator Award. Dr. Allison was selected for the Alpha Delta Kappa Excellence in Education Award for the State of Florida, and for the ADK Gulf Regional Conference Excellence in Education for her outstanding contributions to education.

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