Do you play an instrument or sing, but you haven’t had the opportunity to perform in front of an audience before? 

Allison Academy provides our students with the opportunity to do just that – form a band with their friends, just like they’ve always wanted. Our Band Club is a perfect place for everyone who likes to explore different music genres, compose music, play instruments, or sing. In order to make the results of fun and creative band rehearsals as best as possible, band members will be able to team up with their teachers in the pursuit of their music projects. 

Finally, every music star wants their music to be heard by as many people as possible, which is why Allison Academy gives student bands the opportunity to make use of their talent and show off their music skills at exciting school music events. 

Music for everyone’s taste

Students have the opportunity to choose the instrument they prefer to play and the music genre accordingly. Depending on our students’ preferences, they can choose between different genres (pop, rock, jazz, metal). 

Each band should represent a unique example of good entertainment, and mutual friendship between band members. A band is also an opportunity for students to get closer to each other, cooperate, and plan joint activities. 

Their musical creations will give special flavor to school events and fun for their classmates. The Band Club is a way for students to express their creativity through performance, by presenting new songs or music styles to their audience.

Public performances – An opportunity to shine on stage

Not only will you be able to demonstrate your talent and professionalism, but also to perform at big music events at our school. Mr. Milner is in charge of the organization, and he will make sure that our students are there to break the ice on stage. 

Public performances are an opportunity to show what you have been working on and prepared for, and if you are born for the stage, there will be no greater pleasure in the world. 

A successful public performance is a story well told, and you can tell it in a way that will enable the audience to be involved and emotionally engaged. You are the ones who convey the message and positive energy and, in return, you will have great fun, and your audience will be in a good mood.

This is an ideal way to overcome stage fright and use it positively, because that level of excitement increases success and encourages motivation. This is why Allison Academy nurtures our students’ talents and appreciates their effort and commitment.

Unleash your musical talent and play!

Research has shown that children who play an instrument achieve significantly better results in school. Music by its very nature positively impacts personal and professional development, so you will begin each new day with more energy and enthusiasm. 

Experience playing in a band as a creative extracurricular activity that will not only allow you to perform for your schoolmates, but also to learn a lot; you can never know – perhaps your band will be one of the best original bands on the Allison Academy stage!  

The opportunity to shine on stage is just a step away. Your 5 minutes of fame can become a reality! Unleash your musical talent and give your school friends a time of their life!  

So, if you play an instrument or sing, don’t miss the opportunity to form a band of your own within our Band Club!

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