Designed to facilitate learning and make it more interesting

Why are interesting school activities so important for children? Although formal education allows students to become the professionals they want to be, it is only in combination with non-formal education – learning through socializing and play – that allows them to evolve into successful and complete personalities.

School Life Allison Academy

Developing talent in clubs and workshops

Allison Academy’s extracurricular activities encourage curiosity and creativity in students. The school has created an ideal environment that develops mutual friendship and respect, and emphasizes the importance of working in teams. Performing, acting, writing, singing and painting are some of the clubs in which our students will have a chance to unleash their talent.

Athletics and sports have a special place at Allison

Who are top fans of basketball and volleyball competitions? We are! Allison Academy students enjoy practicing sports in school while they nurture their healthy habits and team spirit. 

We travel and learn about the world together

Allison Academy organizes field trips for our students, which provides them the opportunity to get to know the sights and beauties of our planet. Together we have visited England, France, Greece, Italy, and strolled along Rome, London and Paris as well.

We also take care of the community

Together we participate in a wide range of community service activities because we appreciate others and their lives. That way, our students develop responsibility and altruism.

Vital skills for the future

School activities like these encourage interaction and skill development, and improve children’s communication with peers and adults. These skills significantly influence the students’ academic success, self-confidence and conflict-solving skills, and allow them to define their moral values and take responsibility for their actions. 

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