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School Admissions process at Allison Academy

Students and admission process at Allison Academy
At Allison Academy, small, intimate classes allow teachers to offer personal attention to help students achieve their full academic potential.

Allison’s extensive resources, rigorous academic program and high standards teach students ways to acquire knowledge, challenge assumptions, formulate opinions, think critically, work independently, and cooperate with others.

There are two phases in the application process. For admission to Allison Academy all applications must go through the following processes:

Phase one

 If the above steps have been completed, then the second phase will commence.

Phase two

Allison Academy is a friendly place where enthusiastic and hardworking school students are actively engaged in their studies. We have first-rate teachers who maintain open communication with parents while enjoying working with the students and one another. Most importantly students leave Allison with a sense of satisfaction knowing they have reached their fullest potential and are ready for their future careers..

Browse our website and get to know us or download our Handbook and learn about the detail-oriented mission and philosophy of Allison Academy. Find out everything about the policies and regulations in our school. Even better, find a few dates that work for you and schedule a time to come on campus for a visit and see all this for yourself. We look forward to meeting you.

For more information, write to us at: or complete the registration form and we will contact you.

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