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Improving learning with easy-to-use online tools

At Allison Academy we are always following and up to date with the newest trends in information technology in education. For example, we implement numerous services provided by Google Apps for Education. These include, email and chat, Google Drive for cloud storage, Google Classroom, a calendar with all important dates, sites, etc.

Every student receives an account for accessing all Google apps that Allison Academy has signed up for.

Google Apps

Benefits of using Google Apps in education

  • Interactive online learning with a lot of possibilities
  • A wide range of solutions to promote student progress, as well as teacher development
  • An opportunity for students to learn their own way
  • Teachers can work together with their students at any time from anywhere
  • Students easily improve their computer and organizational skills
  • Less use of paper
  • Promote an eco-friendly school


With a Gmail account the communication between students and teachers is easier and faster. They can use Gmail to send and receive academic messages and they also have  storage capabilities of 15GB on their account which is more than enough for keeping their files and documents.


Google Chat

If students have questions about school, they can chat with the teachers via Google Chat. For instant answers which are really important.


Google Drive

This is the place where students’ can store documents, notes, reminders, assignments, etc. They can access all uploaded stuff easily from anywhere by using their Google account.


Google Docs

By using Docs, students can work on the same papers together at any time applying features like suggestions and comments.


Google Classroom

The online learning system where educators can organize academic tasks and assignments with a high level of efficiency. In this way, school becomes a paperless school which supplies students with meaningful online education and real-time feedback from teachers.


Google Calendar

With Google calendar students and teachers can schedule their activities, assignments and deadlines according to individual needs. It’s necessary for students if they want to stay organized.


Educational necessities for better results

Through the feature Allison Academy is able to create some innovative possibilities for educating our students. This allows for a stronger relationship between teachers and students. Allison Academy is continually providing the best opportunities for students and this is only one thing which proves it.

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