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For a distinct school identity

Here in Allison Academy we have built a welcoming environment that promotes equal opportunity, high values and world class standards that allows our students to reach their goals, fulfil their potential and feel supported and accepted.

That is why our students, teachers and staff proudly wear Allison’s school uniforms that represent core values and ethical principles on which Allison Academy was built upon.

Allison students are ambassadors of school values

Students in Allison Academy have a firm sense of belonging to the community of dedicated and hardworking people. That is why they wear Allison’s logo with pride on their uniforms, showing that they are a part of a well-known and respectable school.

School uniforms

Allison’s school uniform consists of well made, proper fit clothes, worn at the waist. The colors of the uniform are burgundy, white and forest green. Burgundy symbolizes individuality, dedication, team spirit and supportiveness. At the same time white stands for openness, curiosity and eagerness to learn. Forest green represents green activities and eco-friendly education.
With these high virtues in mind, our students not only proudly wear Allison’s uniforms but also act responsibly in accordance with its meaning.

What does the Allison Academy school uniform entail?

The uniform of students consists of:

Allison Academy student in a school uniform

Together we promote equality and competence

According to the regulations on the school uniform and dress code, all the members of the Allison Academy are to wear a uniform in order to promote a common system of values as well as ethical conduct and outstanding behaviour.

We proudly stand for what we believe in.

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