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Notable achievements in science, sports, or arts? Do you want to enroll into a school where you can receive a top quality education that will prepare you for your future academic pursuits at any university in the world? Apply to Allison Academy’s Incentives for the Best to receive an unmatched learning experience!

Allison Academy students

All the motivated hard-working whiz kids, successful athletes, eccentric artists have the opportunity to receive one of our Incentives for the Best awarded by Allison Academy.

An Opportunity for all: Become a part of the great Allison Academy Community

We strongly believe that a child’s hard work and success should be rewarded regardless of their parents’ financial capabilities.

At Allison Academy, we strive to create a remarkable group of students. These are young, talented, hard-working individuals who will one day become academic citizens distinguished by their top quality education, superior work ethic and ambition.

This is why we have designed a program of financial aid for the best students who have not only made outstanding achievements in different fields including science, sports and the arts, but who also continue to work hard to  improve themselves and achieve even better results. We have found a way to reward our whiz kids.

Different Incentives for the Best Students with different talents

Scholarship exams and music auditions are administered in the spring each year to motivated, high achieving students entering grades 6 through 12. The exams are given on Saturday and Sunday, and are announced annually.

If you are interested in a partial scholarship you must apply by the March 20th deadline. This is a limited opportunity so please call 305-940-3922 for an application and registration information.

Why is Allison Academy the best choice?

Allison Academy provides quality educational programs with an emphasis on meeting individual needs through small class sizes and a nurturing environment where each student’s self-esteem is valued and developed.

Our Academy offers:

Learning is interactive, creative and fun because our teachers, all notable experts at what they do, continually come up with new and innovative ways of teaching and presenting information. The knowledge the students gain is both practical and applicable.

Because of all these great things offered at Allison Academy being the recipient of the Incentives of the Best is quite an honor.

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