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As a parent, you are facing an important decision. Choosing the right institution for your child can help prepare them for a bright and successful future. All parents want the best for their children and that is what you will receive from Allison Academy. Our goal is to help your child succeed which will be a reflection of the choices you made.

Allison Academy is a school with a modern academic approach, small classes, diversity and an appreciation for each student’s educational needs. Our teachers are able to easily recognize and nurture each student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Allison Academy is the right choice for you

Why is Allison Academy the right choice for you?

Apart from the curricular activities, we encourage our students to develop their own ideas through research and projects. While developing these skills, the students cope better with the workload at university, as they learn how to manage time, where to access information, and how to successfully complete tasks by analyzing and synthesizing them.

At Allison Academy, the classes are small which provides the students more one on one time with their teachers. It also allows teachers the opportunity to develop each student’s educational needs, it fosters team spirit, allows for group projects and encourages the students to establish and maintain friendships.

Every theoretical element of a lesson has its practical application which strengthens the students’ acquisition of knowledge. In addition to the traditional classroom lessons, students are also granted access to our modern learning environment.

Our teachers gladly organize extended learning sessions for students in order to help them nurture their talents. For those who are competitive, the school facilitates participation in various competitions, both locally and regionally.

Although it is our goal to completely cover the curriculum during school hours, it is possible that the students could have questions, a lack of understanding about a certain topic, or simply difficulty with a particular subject. For any additional help that the students may need, they will have the opportunity to meet with their teachers after school hours.

We put forth a lot of effort in creating a healthy and inspiring environment at our school. These conditions allow our students to succeed. Apart from our professional teaching staff and safe environment we encourage our students to be polite, to use manners and appropriate language. The extracurricular life at school consists of various clubs, cultural and sporting events, charity fundraisers, group projects, etc.

Our students’ success is a mirror of our own success! It is important that each of our student’s represent Allison Academy proudly.

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