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Arts and Crafts – Inspiring artistic pursuits

Step into the magical world of art where your child can create beautiful and meaningful artwork with crafty hands, curious eyes and unrestrained creativity.

Allison’s art program is designed to let children’s imagination run wild while allowing them to express themselves and explore the vast world of arts and crafts.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. Pablo Picasso

  • Visual arts

Through a variety of playful activities and interesting projects, children have a chance to explore different art media ranging from pastels and ceramics, to sewing, sculpture, and painting.

By developing appreciation and enjoyment of visual art, Allison’s students become proficient in the creative processes, crafty skills and learn how to think outside of the box.

Art Club is the place where students can show their artistic side and individual skills within creative workshops.

Find out more about the Allison Academy Art club


  • Acting, writing, performing

Throughout drama classes at Allison Academy, students get to know both classic and modern drama and have the chance to interpret these works in their own unique way. Students also express their creativity through writing and performing their own dramatic pieces, in which they represent desires, thoughts and issues of their generation.

By attending drama classes, children develop communication skills, conquer their fear of performing live, and learn how to present themselves while having fun with both their classmates and teachers.

In drama classes students learn to communicate, to create art with words and above all to really understand and get to know each other better.

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Creativity is the skill of the future

According to experts, creativity will be the key in competing against AI in the future workforce. It is a unique human virtue that no algorithm can match. In order to prepare our children for the future, we need to help them think creatively and apply this skill in their daily lives.

That is why we cherish our arts and crafts curriculum. By attending these workshops, children learn how to think outside the box. Whether they grow up to become respected artists, or become something totally different, the creativity learned in Allison’s arts and crafts workshops will help them become successful.

Allison’s little music stars

Does your child enjoy music, like to sing a-long, dreaming of rocking the guitar, or gently playing the piano?

Here at Allison, our students express themselves through music daily by playing in the band or by singing in choir.

Music is particularly important for every aspect of a child’s development. It enhances the intellectual, social-emotional, motor, and language skills necessary for school readiness. Listening to music, playing an instrument, or singing also ensures the well-being of a child.

Here at Allison your child will have a blast while performing different songs with friends and taking part in various performances to showcase their talents.

No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music. Billy Joel

Here at Allison your child will have a blast while performing different songs with friends and taking part in various performances to showcase their talents.


  • Guitar hero

From acoustic to electric guitar, middle and high school students at Allison have the chance to take part in daily guitar lessons. Students have a chance to perform either solo or in a band.

If you want to show off your guitar skills, you will be able to do it quite easily. Whether you already know how to play the guitar or you want to start, the dream of giving a performance on this instrument will come true.

Discover the Allison Academy guitar school


  • Play it, again, Sam

Playing piano lets our students express themselves in various ways through playing various music genres from classical to pop rock.

Piano is the one of the best instruments for entering the musical world and allows a lot of fun while developing both sides of the brain, thus encouraging cognitive development.

Playing the instrument that you like – in this case, the piano – dramatically increases learning speed and boosts motivation.

Learn more about playing the piano


  • Sing along

Allison Academy choirAllison Academy choir is well known for showcasing the vocal talents of our students at many school and city performances. Students get a chance to sing a broad number of songs while having a great time with their friends.

It is well known that singing in a choir boosts your mood, has a positive effect on your health, and functions as a strong icebreaker when it comes to public performance.

Being engaged in a choir, your child will become relaxed while singing and they will get rid of stage fright, since singing in a group will help even the most timid person to become relaxed.

Learn more about the Allison Academy choir club


  • Band

The Band Club is an ideal place for everyone who likes to explore different music genres, who likes to compose, sing, or play instruments.

Music itself makes you feel better, and at Allison Academy each student gets a chance to express their musical talent and join the band if they wish.

Find out how to form your own band at Allison Academy


  • And… We’re live

Students in the music program really enjoy music and spreading its magic to different audiences by performing for a variety of functions in the city at various venues.

Our rock/jazz bandOur well-known rock/jazz band has developed into a professional sounding group that has successfully performed at local venues, city functions, talent shows, and of course for Allison Academy students and faculty.

Here at Allison Academy, we appreciate the power of music and encourage our students to do the same by exploring their musical interests and talents, and have fun doing so.

Let your child become part of Allison Academy and release their talents through our various extracurricular activities.

A healthy body makes a healthy spirit - for Allison athletes

For all sports enthusiasts, Allison Academy organizes special clubs, and we believe that sports activities are something that you crave for when lessons are over.

Depending on students’ interests and desires, various extracurricular sports activities are organized.

Apart from their school obligations, students can fulfil their day by exercising, and in that way contribute to their healthy lifestyle.

Physical activity is the key for a healthy body, and it is the foundation for intellectual activity.

There is a reason why they say “A healthy body makes a healthy spirit”!

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. Michael Jordan

  • Basketball Club

Basketball Club is there for all basketball enthusiasts, and its goal is to encourage students and teach them extra skills so that they could achieve the best results on the courts.

Besides being able to skillfully dribble, shoot and pass the ball, students will also develop their competitive and team spirit within this club.

Being engaged in the basketball club will also have a positive effect on students’ health and physical condition, and they get a chance to successfully represent Allison Academy at sporting events together with their peers.

We’re rooting for you!

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IT and digital age skills

Digital technology is rapidly changing the environment that we live in, so it is necessary that students stay in touch with IT and programming, and thus obtain all necessary digital age skills.

Most of the children today accept digital technology with a great interest, and in our school they will be able to use “smart” digital devices and apps on an admirable level. They will thus step into the world of programming and obtain digital skills for the 21st century.

Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important. Bill Gates

  • Robotics Club

Within the Robotics Club, students will have the opportunity to design, create, and program robots for performing certain tasks by means of coding through a robotics application.

This is an ideal opportunity for your child to express their interest in the area of robotics, while Allison Academy contributes to their technological progress.

Having in mind how popular IT and programming are nowadays as professions, Robotics Club is ideal both for those who want to become programmers, and for the young creatives who wish to develop their creative thinking.

Learning programming is important for your child’s future, and it provides them with a chance to use technology in a responsible way.

Discover the world of robots at Allison Academy


Allison Academy Student Organizations

The main goal of student organizations is working on our students’ rights and improving learning conditions.

Their operations do not focus solely on the curriculum and examinations, but also on students’ professional development and social life improvement through conferences, seminars, lectures, sports competitions, and other activities.

Such a way of engaging students is performed within the Students Parliament as the representative body of Allison Academy.

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.  John F. Kennedy

  • Student Council

Students Council can be joined by all students wishing to express their leadership qualities and thus take the reins in this students’ council.

Students get a chance to be the ones who organize all school activities and thus have an impact on the school’s development.

Each student who is interested in event planning and organizational behavior is welcome to join.

Read more about the benefits of joining the Allison Academy student council

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