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“Formed in the spirit of dynamic growth and intellectual pursuits.”

Allison Academy evolved from a tutoring center called Reading, Math and Learning, to an accredited private, secondary school in North Miami Beach. This transition was in response to a demand for a nurturing school environment.

The school accepted its first students in 1983, and was organized to provide a highly specialized program for each individual student. Over the years, enrollment had grown, and in 1994 a decision to enlarge the school was made.

Today, Allison Academy, named by its first students, is a private, accredited, non-sectarian secondary school (Grades 6-12) located in North Miami Beach, Miami-Dade County, Florida.

An inspiring environment for ambitious young people

Conceived as a place where students learn about the world around them in a creative and modern way, Allison Academy is an inspiring environment for ambitious young people who strive towards high academic goals. In the modern world, which is constantly changing, it is necessary to keep up with the times and continuously acquire new knowledge. That is the very reason why we decided to merge global trends in teaching methodology, information technology and curriculum design.

About us

Recognizing and developing talents, fostering multidisciplinary knowledge, raising the level of cultural awareness, and refining social skills allows our school to be a frontrunner where secondary education is concerned. Students at Allison Academy can expect an exciting journey filled with contemporary teaching, exploration, friendship and fun. At this school, the students do not study because they have to, but because they want to!

This is why we believe that Allison Academy is the right choice for middle school and high school education. It is a school in which students learn, grow and advance, a school in which students thrive on respecting diversity, studying for success and understanding that good friends make the best investment for the future.

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