Guitarists have always been society’s favorites, because the guitar implies good fun and the best atmosphere.

If you play the guitar, Allison Academy will make sure that the stage is all yours, and you will be able to win the admiration and love of your audience. In addition, you can choose if you want to be a solo artist, or member of a band. Guitar lessons will be tailored to your taste, whether you are an experienced guitarist, or a beginner. You can also choose between classical, acoustic or electric guitar, it is entirely up to you. 

Anyone who has the desire to play the guitar, regardless of their age or year of study, will have the opportunity to join our guitar club, and become a Guitar hero of Allison Academy!

What does a guitar lesson look like?

Students will have the opportunity to learn from acclaimed instructors who will try to help them master this instrument to the best of their abilities in an engaging way, and encourage them to practice on their own at home. 

Lessons are age-appropriate and adjusted to the level of knowledge of each individual student if they have already had guitar lessons, whereas there is a special program for beginners, designed to help them master the basics and the necessary guitar techniques as quickly as possible. 

In addition to the commitment of our instructors to their students, they will also try to organize lessons in line with students’ preferences and interests, so you can choose songs that you want to play, or the music genre you want to focus on. 

The program is designed so as to be interesting and adjust to individual music preferences, the atmosphere in which lessons are held make students comfortable and helps them acquire new knowledge and skills with ease.

Be a solo star, or play in a band

Students of Allison Academy will have the opportunity to perform as solo artists or in a band. Rising stars will be able to break the ice by performing as part of a band, but if they want, they can also play solo from the beginning.

Once they have mastered all the techniques, it is up to students to plan their stage performance. If they compose their own music, performing live is a perfect way to present something new to the audience, while at the same time presenting themselves in the best light through their compositions. 

Performances and concerts are organized for the purposes of student self-promotion, but also for the purpose of unforgettable fun and get-together for everyone at Allison Academy.

Guitar as a perfect instrument of child’s development

Children who play the guitar possess better developed motor skills, memory, attention and emotional processing. Additional benefits important for their development that they will gain if they join our guitar club include self-confidence, increased perception, and increased responsibility and discipline. 

Playing an instrument develops creativity and logic, so it could be argued that the guitar plays a dual role: it develops children’s motor skills, but it also encourages the creative side of their personality and imagination. 

Playing the guitar is stimulating for several reasons:

  • Increases concentration
  • Engages both brain hemispheres
  • Develops attention and important mental skills (speed, dexterity)

Become a member of our guitar club

Join our guitar club that will turn you into a talented guitarist, and a star of future music events. 

The guitar is one of the most popular instruments in the music world. 

If you have always wanted to play the guitar, now is the time to fulfill your dream. Allison Academy invites you to join our guitar club.  

Take a break from everyday school activities, and we will give you an unforgettable experience and set you on your path of becoming a first-rate guitarist. 

Join our guitar club as soon as possible! 

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