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Move, learn, play and have fun

Being able to take proper care of your health and to practice good habits in order to preserve it, is one of the main goals of education. At Allison Academy one way to achieve this is through a versatile athletic program. This is also a valuable opportunity for students to learn about team spirit, competitions and sportsmanship – a unique set of values and skills they can transfer into real world situations or use in professional sports.


Encouraging students to achieve excellence

Here at Allison we take athletics very seriously and it represents an important part of our curriculum. Allison Academy’s tradition of excellence in athletic competitions complements a well-thought, carefully structured and challenging academic program. Students are involved in interscholastic athletics from grades six through twelve, but may also elect physical education, or intramurals & fitness to meet their requirement. 

Participation in interscholastic team sports is not a requirement, but nearly 80% of our students choose to play at least one sport and many are two-to-three season successful athletes.

Through team sports, students are encouraged to reach their potential in physical fitness, mental strength, skill development, and teamwork. That way they develop sportsmanship, discipline and leadership which has quite an impact on their holistic development.

Students can choose from wide range of sports

Allison Academy has a boys’ basketball team that has a schedule of 15-20 games each season. The team competes against other schools within the area, and we enthusiastically support them!

The girls’ volleyball team, composed of senior athletes, is competitive and plays 10-15 games each season. At Allison Academy we are also constantly developing additional competitive sports. From tag football to track and field, we provide students with different opportunities to find and develop their athletic abilities and pursue their interests.

Developing friendships through athletic

By taking part in different sports, either by playing them or supporting their friends, Allison students through fun activities take good care of their health, but also deepen the friendships. A firm sense of belonging and a sense of pride in athletic achievement at our school is something that motivates our students to fulfill their goals and reach their potential at the same time never forgetting to have fun.

At Allison students prosper emotionally, intellectually and socially by playing sports, competing and supporting each other. We support them all the way.

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