Would you like to become an Allison Academy leader and implement your ideas through school activities?

If you would like to be at the helm of all school organizations and gain valuable organizational skills, this is the perfect opportunity for you to show leadership and make an impact in our school.

Every student who is interested in planning school events is welcome. The benefits are numerous, both at Allison Academy and as preparation for college.

What does the Student Council look like?

Allison Academy’s Student Council is one of the key school bodies in charge of planning and managing school events. Allison Academy students now have the opportunity to have their voices heard via their representatives in the Student Council.

The students had the honor to join and express their leadership skills. Every fall, the school organizes elections in the first semester in which students elect their Student Council representatives and officials. Every Allison Academy student has the right to vote and run for the council, which is in line with the school’s mission to provide students with an environment that values freedom of expression.

Given that the number of council members is unlimited, everyone has the chance and freedom to be proactive and contribute to the school image and success with their innovative ideas. Due to the fact that it highly values its students’ opinions and proposals regarding school activities, Allison Academy is a place where students feel free and respected in a safe and healthy environment.

Take on the role of a leader

Although highly challenging, being part of the Student Council and taking part in the school’s organizational processes is beneficial on many levels. By taking part in Student Council activities, students learn first-hand about democracy and actively participate in processes such as elections and campaigns.

In addition to acquiring important skills related to social engagement and maintaining a healthy society, Allison Academy students who opt for joining the Student Council can expect other benefits, such as:

  • Acquisition of professional, leadership, and communication skills
  • Increased confidence and sense of social responsibility
  • Opportunity to plan school activities
  • Opportunity to become a school advocate
  • Networking and interaction with different student profiles

Gaining leadership and communication skills

Given that working in the Student Council means taking responsibility for one’s actions and activities, students should possess leadership skills, such as coordination and team management.

Participant students take part in the decision making process, set and evaluate tasks, and motivate team members. Consequently, they will acquire skills that will make their transition from high school to college as smooth as possible.

Some of the important skills and qualities which students gain, develop, and enhance in the Student Council include:

  1. Strategic thinking
  2. Creating and implementing a clear vision
  3. Emotional intelligence
  4. Trust development
  5. A sense of responsibility

Council activities increase confidence

Developing public speaking skills and expressing views in a group improves the students’ confidence and teaches them how to openly propose ideas designed to improve school activities. Thus, students build their confidence and develop argument-developing skills, which is extremely important for their future professional and public performance.

Planning school activities

Regardless of whether you are organizing lectures, internships, seminars, or extracurricular activities, it is highly important to make a detailed plan regarding the time, venues, and activities.

In the Allison Academy Student Council, students can at all times propose ideas about activity implementation. So, if a Student Council member has noticed that the students are interested in Music Club or improving their IT skills, they will focus on working with teachers to propose new school activities in these areas.

With regard to designing activity plans, council members are encouraged to be both thorough and creative, as they are required to implement every idea, listen to others, and deal with their needs and wants.

Initiate change

By proposing useful ideas for school advancement, the students can directly affect its future results. Moreover, participation in the council of a school like Allison Academy, which strives towards modern education of the future, will always be a good addition to college applications, as it highlights the students’ leadership abilities.

In order to successfully work on promoting their school and the activities they have been part of, students need to follow trends and acquire new skills. Allison Academy enables its students to take initiative and be directly involved in shaping their school’s future so as to allow it to keep up with educational trends.

Let your voice be heard!

Our students’ success is the success of our school!

Allison Academy’s Student Council strives to bring together qualified students with a progressive approach and outlook, who want to use their original ideas to contribute to the school community.

Join us now!

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