Music brings us all together, regardless of who we are, where we come from, and what we do. It has been scientifically proven that singing in a choir improves one’s mood, positively impacts health, and represents a powerful ice breaker when it comes to stage fright and public performances. 

But, can it be even more than that?

Of course! Singing in a choir encourages teamwork, cooperation and a sense of synchronicity, given that several voices should sing together harmoniously. 

In addition to the prevailing sense of belonging that being a choir member generates, listening to others, overcoming stage fright, and creativity are qualities that should be adopted at an early age, and the Allison Academy choir is able to help you acquire them in a fun and constructive manner. Meet and befriend your peers from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds and interests, and help improve the general well-being through music and co-creation.

Numerous health benefits

Singing in a choir has been proven to have a significant positive effect on health. According to the research conducted by Harvard University, singing reduces stress and improves the functioning of one’s immune system and heart. Other health benefits of choir singing include:

  • Learning to breathe correctly
  • Relieves muscle tension
  • Improved posture
  • Antistress therapy
  • Socializing and making new friends
  • Continuous development of one’s voice and vocal techniques

The choir helps you relax, and your body will know how to appreciate that. Students are taught discipline and teamwork from an early age, which is of great importance for the positive development of skills they will need in the future. Singing helps people learn breath control, and achieve a full vocal harmony, and the activity of singing improves mood and spreads positive energy.

Say goodbye to stage fright!

Singing in a choir undoubtedly breaks certain barriers when it comes to insecurity, stage fright and anxiety. This activity will not only improve the students’ physical, but also mental health, because singing in a group and practicing adjusting your voice to the vocal harmony of the choir greatly contributes to mental health and building healthy self-confidence.

Choir singing helps people overcome fear, thus increasing their self-confidence and emotional expression. It is important to start developing these qualities at school age, so that students would develop into confident young people who believe in their own voice and abilities. 

Performing in front of an audience can be a serious challenge, which is why the Allison Academy choir club will be sure to pay attention both to individual students, and the whole group in order to generate an overall sense of confidence when it comes to public performances.

Ready to join the choir?

Developing a sense of music has been proven to influence many other areas of life and work. By joining the Allison Academy choir club, you will become part of the group which does not comprise music professionals, but true lovers of music who sing just because they enjoy it.

Therefore, the Allison Academy choir is a perfect place for a positive personal development of students since, according to our members’ experience, it creates a sense of community and brings numerous benefits related to artistic expression, focus, and control, all of which are integral elements of singing.   

In addition, choir singing belongs to those activities that develop a sense of belonging and responsibility, thus helping choir members build friendships and solve tasks together. 

Join the Allison Academy choir as soon as possible, and feel the music the right way! 


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