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Learning, achieving and enjoying

Allison Academy is a school whose contemporary approach successfully prepares students for top achievements. It provides its students with the best knowledge and skills for the future by combining a team of dedicated teachers with a high-quality education and creative teaching methods.

A contemporary approach

Where learning is fun

Lesson materials and subjects that are presented in a fun way are retained much longer by students than information that is rendered in a dry and boring way. That’s the reason why our students are motivated to study in and out of school. We organize interesting workshops and interactive classes and we enjoy encouraging students to think in flexible and creative ways.

Where teaching is creative and dynamic

Interactive and dynamic teaching are important features of a good school. Classes are designed in such a way that encourages students to actively participate in the lessons. There are many opportunities that are sure to peak students interests, and which will allow them to acquire new knowledge and become successful.

Where educators are dedicated

One of the most important things for a good education is high-quality teaching. Our teachers spend a lot of time planning their lessons in order to use their time with the students effectively. Their competence, dedication, pedagogical experience and expertise as well as high-quality textbooks are aimed at motivating students to try their best and to improve academically in the best possible way.

Where the environment is stimulating and motivating

Allison Academy uses a unique and understanding approach with each student while respecting all of their individual differences. The classes are kept small so that teachers can spend valuable time with each and every student. Every student is a talented and unique individual who deserves special attention and the best approach that will lead them to success.

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