Allison Academy’s primary mission is to provide inspiring and comprehensive education to  current and future students who would like to experience future-ready schooling. To fulfill it, the school has made sure that it has the appropriate equipment – state-of-the-art resources that ensure an immersive 21st century education experience.

To say that modern education entails digital literacy and the use of personal computers is practically an understatement. Computer labs of the modern world of education help shape the concept of progressive education towards creating an inclusive and organized learning environment where students prepare for a future dominated by technology.

This is why Allison Academy students have a cutting-edge IT room, where they can develop their technological skills and advance the digital knowledge necessary in order to successfully function, let alone thrive in the 21st century. Through forming an advanced computer lab at school premises, we wanted to provide all students with the same opportunities and tools for studying and career development equally.

Technology is the future of learning

Allison Academy is always looking for ways to help students achieve their educational goals. In order to achieve this, our teachers’ use of technology is bound to empower them to leverage an assortment of resources to provide more focused, personalized learning to students.

Since each student interprets information differently, technology can enable more research into subjects that are more difficult to understand, especially in STEM practices. The use of modern tech gadgets and resources provides students with information that is easy to access, accelerates learning, and brings exciting and modern opportunities to put the skills they gained into practice.

Through the use of technology everywhere they go, not just in the classroom, students can acquire 21st-century IT skills, that are mandatory to have for future occupations.

A future learning zone

We can proudly say that the credit for Allison Academy’s IT room belongs to the school and its students equally. The students who attended the computer science class set up and launched the computer lab using the skills acquired in class. This is another proof of the importance of digital skills and expert manipulation of technology as an aspect of education that Allison Academy provides.

The IT room and the computer lab were formed in accordance with the latest technology standards and digital education concepts, to ensure that all students at our school have an optimal environment for collaboration, unbridled expression of creativity, and proper conditions necessary in order to realize bold futuristic projects.

The room offers a wealth of options for different forms of work, from individual work zones, through a comfortable area for group work on a project, to casual setting for hanging out and brainstorming new ideas. The space has been designed so that the arrangement of furniture and new Mac computers can be easily reconfigured, to customize the work environment in order to maximize the efficiency of the development of any project according to its specific requirements.

Mandatory digital knowledge at your fingertips

The current generation of students has grown up in a world where advanced technology has always been around, which means that the bar has been set quite high when it comes to adjusting the curricula to modern learning concepts. For the students born into the digital era, the use of technology is primarily a necessity, along with, of course, being something that renders learning incomparably more interesting and engaging, making an indisputable contribution to the quality of education.

The main idea behind the computer lab is to advance the students’ digital skills to a highly functional level, through interdisciplinary utilization of technology as a resource and work on creative projects covering different STEAM subjects.

What cool skills will the students acquire in the IT room?

Throughout the school year, the students can use the computer lab to pursue progressive approaches to creating new and modifying existing projects. They can create animated digital images using one or more computers in a network, digital camera and professional video camera, and other technology necessary for the realization of different sorts of ideas. The computer lab was designed to provide a blend of the latest technology and access to digital artistic materials that can be creatively utilized in original projects oriented towards the concepts of the future.

In addition to advancing their digital media manipulation skills, in the computer lab, students can experience hands-on work regarding computer science, where they will master the fundamentals of coding and programming. These programs are adjusted to Allison Academy students according to age, and the students can use them to directly implement their new knowledge of crucial concepts of the most popular programming languages and tools.

Digital skills the students can hone in the IT room include:

  • Creating projects
  • Digital image processing
  • Effective use of digital video cameras
  • General computer literacy
  • Coding and programming

Engage with learning with enhanced digital literacy

The IT room at Allison Academy provides progressive education in the realm of digital literacy to all students. When it comes to success in the world of the future, it is immensely important to incorporate modern technology into teaching and keep up to date with trends when it comes to the intricate and developing relationship between education and the digital world, and it is crucial that students, while still in school, learn to think and work in an interdisciplinary, technologically literate manner.

Allison Academy always strives to follow global standards in education; this is why we resolved to provide the best conditions for our students, so that they can realize their maximum potential.

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