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Here at Allison Academy, we are focused on future challenges

When we look at 21st century schools, we see very few similarities with how education used to look. Much has changed with the advent of modern technology. Students and teachers use modern technologies, such as the Internet, laptops, and a number of other devices which are continuously being improved and updated. Modern technologies play an important role in education, complimenting what used to be the sole responsibility of the classroom teacher.

Along with that, there are two crucial differences between contemporary and past educational systems, those being the level of technological development and the demands of students.

Students learning at Allison Academy

Looking back, 30 years ago there were no computers or Internet services to speak of. Nowadays, the education provided by most schools isn’t fully keeping up with the technological innovations of our time, which are being introduced at a record-breaking rate. This is where the concept of a future-ready school comes in. A future-ready school combines a high-quality education with new technologies in order to impart functional and practical knowledge.

“Generation Z” is the name associated with young digital natives who oftentimes come into contact with IT gadgets before uttering their first words. That is why, in order to meet the needs and demands of today’s youth and modern society, a school needs to be future ready.

The advantages of future-ready education

Future-ready schools teach students to apply their acquired knowledge in a modern context in order to successfully meet the needs of the environment they live in.

The technology-centered approach to education defines a future-ready school. As the term suggests, future-ready schools prepare students for the future by providing them with all of the conditions necessary to become successful and by nurturing their desire for personal and professional development.

Knowledge doesn’t just refer to the acquisition of information but IT competencies as well, thanks to which students can find and extract information from a variety of sources. In addition, students are taught how to use available information in order to achieve their objectives as well as a high degree of professional productivity.

Allison Academy – a Future Ready School

If we consider the number of annual conferences and seminars on future-ready education hosted all around the world, as well as the number of future-ready teacher training courses, we can see that this form of education is both complex and highly productive, not just for teachers but students as well.

What makes Allison Academy future ready?

The most important advantage of future-ready schools is the secure and successful future they guarantee their students. By focusing on the practical and essential, students acquire the competencies they need for a prosperous future in a stress- and fuss-free way, relieved from fear and any unnecessary pressure. Learning is thus facilitated by a feeling of happiness, satisfaction and enjoyment.

At Allison Academy computers are used as effective learning and teaching aids. Our future-ready curriculum enables students to learn, read, solve math problems and write using a unique digital notebook. Students can also access the online distance learning platform in order to follow classes and keep up with their academic obligations even when they are not physically present at school.

The academic programs here at Allison Academy are designed to engage our students. It is our goal to help them understand, and appreciate the commonalities and the differences among diverse cultures, races, national origins, and religions. We firmly believe that students will find academic success when given opportunities for individual achievement and self-expression.

Our students spend their school day in modern and well-equipped classrooms. Teachers use technology to enhance and extend the interactivity of learning strategies to teach students and revitalize the enjoyment of learning. Educational technology enables students to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information and express ideas in compelling ways that will prepare them for the demands of the 21st century.



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