Many dream of learning to play the piano, so it is no wonder that this instrument is so immensely popular. 

Piano lessons take enthusiasm and time, and Allison Academy has a special school club dedicated solely to this instrument. All piano lovers have the opportunity to join and advance their skills.

Although it is a bit uncommon to play popular music on the piano, it is still possible to play any hit song on this instrument and students can have fun by playing different genres, from classical music to rock.

Allison Academy will give you an insight into all the benefits of playing the piano, and help you learn why this instrument is so special.  

Our teachers cannot wait to help you learn new melodies and acquire outstanding musical skills.

Advantages of creating music on the piano

The piano possesses certain properties that make it an ideal instrument for learning and understanding music, such as: 

  • Piano is a solo instrument (it allows musicians to play an entire piece without musical accompaniment)
  • Piano is an ideal accompaniment to singer or the choir
  • Through piano individuals have ability to play several different tones at the same time
  • Piano is an instrument suitable for any genre

Although this instrument may appear complicated at first glance due to a large number of keys, from the standpoint of music professionals, it provides a clear visual representation of how the tones move up, down, or remain unchanged. 

Each key gives a unique tone, and it cannot get any simpler than that. Everything else requires techniques that you will be able to acquire with our teachers’ help.

Probably the biggest advantage of the piano is the fact that one can play musical chords or several notes at once in perfect harmony.

The stage is yours

Our pianists are also proud representatives of their club at Allison Academy school events.

Our members include experienced piano players with years of training, and beginners who want to practice and acquire additional skills. 

Each student has the opportunity to perform their act in front of an audience.

Every time a piano player performs, a magical combination of performing skills and one’s unique interpretation of music occurs.

By applying the techniques you have already mastered, and performing your own act on stage, your personal interpretation of the music piece will emerge. 

Students demonstrate all their skills during their stage performance and they are designing the entire performance, choosing which piece to play together.

Do you want to be part of our club?

Knowing all the advantages of the piano, few can remain unmotivated to learn.

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