Many dream of performing on stage, but are hindered by stage fright. Many enjoy exciting stories and interesting characters, and some even dream of becoming writers themselves.

Drama is, of course, much more than simple recitation of lines from a play and make believe on stage. The world of drama, with all the occupations related to it, provides exceptional opportunities not only for mere entertainment obtained by watching fun performances, but also the opportunity for players to improve themselves through play development, acquire various useful skills related to public performance, and develop strong empathy needed to play different characters.

In the Allison Academy drama club, students have the opportunity to interpret various classical and modern plays in a unique and creative way, as well as to express their own creativity by writing, directing and acting in pieces that illustrate problems, desires and preoccupations of their generation. 

The most important benefit of the Allison Academy drama club is the opportunity to develop strong communication skills, teamwork and cooperation skills by working on a play with one’s friends and teachers in a fun and creative way, and to overcome stage fright that hinders many of them in their pursuit of creative expression. 

Keep reading to learn the benefits of joining our Allison Academy drama club.

Developing strong empathy

By being given the task of identifying with characters who possess certain values and qualities, and by walking in another person’s shoes, students automatically gain a better insight into a wide range of feelings and attitudes, which ultimately helps them to better understand both themselves and the world around them. 

Thanks to creative freedom and the opportunity to interpret and understand plays that represent the heritage of dramatic arts in their own unique way, they learn to find and comprehend timeless ideas in works from distant or recent past, thus expanding their understanding of the society they live in. 

Working on a play involves close collaboration with different individuals and spending a lot of time in their company. The Allison Academy drama club enables all students who opt for this creative and constructive adventure to make close friendships, share their ideas and thoughts without fear of condemnation, and to learn that vulnerability on stage is just a way to establish a better relationship with other people, because drama opens up space for mutual understanding.

Set the stage for being confident

Research has shown that many actors who are well-known for their confidence and talent, were once introverted students who decided to join their school’s drama club. By constantly exposing themselves in front of an audience, students learn to overcome their introversion and become more confident  as public performers. 

The reason why the majority of students decide to join their school drama club is precisely to overcome their fear of public performance, master stage fright, and develop self-confidence. The Allison Academy drama club encourages students in a subtle and unobtrusive way to strengthen their confidence through public presentation and stage performance, thus learning that the audience is harmless and actually is interested in them.

Building friendships through creativity

The drama club creates an atmosphere that allows students to work in a harmonious and non-competitive environment. Working together strengthens discipline and a sense of responsibility for what they need to do, so students eventually realize that drama is just as serious and responsible, as it is an opportunity to have fun and fool around on stage. 

The Allison Academy drama club is known for building bridges between students who, before joining our club, seemingly had nothing in common. Only when they found themselves in a situation where they could exchange ideas, attitudes and be creative together at rehearsals, did they build strong friendships based on mutual respect and understanding. 

Strengthening a wide variety of skills

Of course, drama-related occupations are known for strengthening particular mental skills important for functioning efficiently in different academic or professional settings. 

Acting, obviously, improves memory and one’s basic skills of reading aloud, as well as articulation. Through writing and interpreting plays, students not only develop their creativity, but also their skills of writing and expression, thus practicing to create written material that possesses both beauty and content quality.

Join us on stage!

Joining the Allison Academy drama club brings lifelong benefits. Rehearsals will allow students to develop various useful skills important for their formation into successful young people, as well as to develop valuable and lasting friendships that will continue long after they have left school. 

And, most importantly, they will discover they possess talents that would otherwise go unnoticed!

Join us on stage and become a member of the Allison Academy drama club!

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