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Diverse backgrounds for academic success!

“Our mission at Allison Academy is to inspire our diverse community of students. It is our goal to promote moral, intellectual, physical, and academic excellence so that each student may rise to honorable achievements, and contribute to the common good.”

As the mission statement attests, diversity is the fundamental essence within the Allison Academy community. We have been a progressively diverse school since our founding in 1983, reflecting the city in which we are located.

Multicultural Learning Environment

Allison Academy reflects the multicultural, ethnic, and economic backgrounds found within our community. The spirit of inclusion remains as true today, as it was 38 years ago. To this day, Allison Academy is a leader among its peer institutions in the size and scope of its financial aid budget. Within the last 38 years, Allison Academy has awarded aid to qualifying students totaling an average of 25% of its operating budget, helping to create a socio-economically diverse campus.


The academic programs here at Allison Academy are designed to engage our students. It is our goal to help them understand and appreciate the similarities and differences between cultures, races, national origins, and religions. Our English classes read world literature, while our language classes study not only language but also their culture and thus have an opportunity to travel to different countries.

Our Admissions Office actively seeks to identify and enroll qualified students from diverse backgrounds who are committed to working hard and participating in the school community.

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