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What can you expect during the school year?

September – Open House

Open House is an annual event held at Allison Academy. Our doors are open to the general public while we allow visitors to explore and find out more about the institution. This way, we allow our current and potential students to become familiar with school facilities and meet other classmates.

Allison Academy open its doors to all parents/grandparents who want to find out what makes this school truly different and learn about a typical school day at Academy. All parents/grandparents are invited to come meet your student’s teachers.

September – Open House at Allison Academy

October – Halloween Party

October is the time for the traditional Halloween party. At Allison Academy, Halloween is a festival of good fun, entertaining games and competitions. For a day, the school becomes a terrifyingly exciting place full of students in costumes.

Stir up your imagination with some creative, yet fun and scary costumes! Brew your ideas in the cauldron of imagination! Become a vampire, a witch/warlock, your favorite superhero or villain; the list is long and never-ending! Students and faculty come dressed in their scariest costumes and participate in a Halloween dance.

October – Halloween Party at Allison Academy

November – Basketball Season

Basketball season starts in November and lasts until early February. Come see our Allison Academy Suns compete with other schools.

Great energy from our basketball team and coaching staff, together with support from our wonderful fans and the entire school, guarantee a competitive and exciting performance throughout the season.

November – Basketball Season at Allison Academy

November – Veteran’s Day

Veterans Day is a federal holiday intended to honor and thank all military personnel who served the United States in all wars.

Allison Academy attends the Veteran’s Day ceremony at the City of North Miami Beach.

November – Veteran’s Day at Allison Academy

November – Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. It is a festival of great food and gratitude.

Parents are invited to come share their special Thanksgiving dishes with the students and faculty at a grand feast on the Thursday before Thanksgiving.

November – Thanksgiving Feast at Allison Academy

December – Food Drives

Allison Academy has always helped those in need. For many years, the students of the Allison Academy have been showing their good heart through many humanitarian activities.

We participate in food drives for the homeless for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.

December – Food Drives at Allison Academy

March – Field Day

Many interesting and creative contests take place at Allison Academy in March. Both students and teachers have a great time while enjoying numerous challenges.

Students compete in a variety of athletic games and competitions followed by a cookout!

March – Field Day at Allison Academy

April – Allison Academy Talent Show

Students are encouraged to participate in the annual Allison Academy Talent Show. This is a great opportunity for you to showcase your special talent.

Allison Academy Talent Show is a perfect blend of acting, singing and dance!

April – Talent Show at Allison Academy

May – Graduation

High School Graduation and Middle School Promotion. This is going to be a wonderful occasion to celebrate knowledge, youth and the end of your educational voyage at Allison Academy. These are surely memories to treasure for a lifetime!

May – Graduation at Allison Academy
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