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Allison Academy – a place where international students feel at home

Attending Allison Academy in the US is a great opportunity for your child to experience a top-quality secondary education, a unique curriculum that focuses on STEM subjects, and a multicultural environment with extraordinary opportunities for advancement.

Allison Academy – a place where international students feel at home

Student visa

Students who wish to study in the USA require a F-1 visa.

At Allison Academy, we are happy to help your child obtain the visa that will give them a unique opportunity to graduate from our school and enroll at a college or university in the US.

Same tuition fees for everyone

International students are invaluable members of our community who contribute to the diversity and enable American students to broaden their horizons and learn about other cultures. This is why our school is one of the few in America where the fees for students coming from abroad are the same as those for American students.

Allison Academy gives everyone an equal opportunity no matter where they come from.

Master the English language and gain valuable international experience

At Allison Academy, your child will significantly enhance their writing and speaking skills in English and master the language like a native. In addition, Allison Academy’s international environment allows students to get to know new cultures and the American way of life, and gain all the knowledge they need to prosper in a global context.

Staying with reliable and supportive hosts

Allison Academy has developed a broad network of safe, responsible and supportive hosts who will do everything to make your child’s stay in America perfect. By giving students the opportunity to feel the true family atmosphere of an American home, our hosts are there to help them adapt as easily and quickly as possible to learning and living in America. Allison Academy is a member of Cambridge Network, which means that our hosts undergo detailed evaluation so as to ensure they meet the high standards of the Cambridge community.

We’re sure your child will love his/her stay with our hosts.

Advanced curriculum

At Allison Academy, your child will have the opportunity to attend a future-ready school and follow one of the best curricula in the world which focuses on STEM subjects, but also fine arts, physical education and numerous extracurricular activities that will allow your child to discover their hidden talents and fulfill their potential.

Dedicated teachers and staff who are always there for your child

At Allison Academy, we make sure that every student feels welcome and motivated. When it comes to international students, our dedicated teachers and school staff help them in every way to adapt to both learning and living in the United States. This means that during their stay, students have unlimited support in every segment of their life, which is why Allison’s international students adapt very quickly and easily and begin to achieve great results. At Allison Academy, your child will feel at home.

Your child comes to the United States, but gets to know the whole world

By studying in the USA and staying with a host family, your child is introduced to authentic American life. This is a unique opportunity to experience the culture and history of the country. Moreover, by studying in the US your child gets to know the world.

International students at Allison Academy come from all over the world and from almost all continents. Thanks to them, we are able to expand our horizons by getting to know their cultures, customs and values. By having friends from all over the planet, your child will get to know not only the US, but the entire world as well.

Who will be your child's new friends?

In addition to students from America who will make you feel welcome, your child’s friends at Allison Academy will come from many countries around the world. There are foreign students at Allison Academy from all over the world. Regardless of whether they decide to continue their education in the United States or return to their home countries, they all cherish the valuable experience of studying at Allison Academy and stay in touch with their friends, teachers and hosts.

Allison Academy gives everyone an equal opportunity no matter where they come from

We’re looking forward to meeting you

At Allison Academy, we enjoy learning, socializing, and meeting new people and learning about their cultures. Hence, we are happy to welcome international students. We take time to make sure they feel accepted, to make sure they easily adapt to life abroad, and to take advantage of all the opportunities Allison Academy and the USA have to offer.

See you soon!

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