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Enroll at Allison Academy for the year 2022/2023

Every academic year, our school opens its doors to welcome students from Florida as well as international students who want more from their education. They can choose our full-time program, which offers a modern academic approach and small class sizes.

Thank you for choosing Allison Academy for your child.

Full price$20000
Reduced price until August 31:$18500
Enrollment-related fees
Registration fee — Non-refundable$450
Computer/book/supply fee $600
Activity Fee$150
Field Trips–local$120
PTO Dues$60

Payment options

Payments to Allison Academy can be made in:

  • 1 installment (due to enrollment);
  • 2 installments (due January 5, 2023);
  • 10 installments (equal monthly installments on the 5th of each month, due May 5, 2023)

Special benefit

  • A $1,000 sibling tuition discount is given to the older of any siblings registered at the school.
  • For more information, please call 305-940-3922.

Important notes:

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