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Every prospective student and parent must wonder why Allison might be right for them. Why Choose Allison Academy?

Small classes, excellent teachers, and very high academic standards stand at the center of our mission. We emphasize the development of strong reading, writing, research, and computational skills, and at the same time, we infuse our students with a passion for learning. Families understand that every school has its own unique set of qualities, and they are seeking the best possible match. The challenge for families is to understand what distinguishes one school from another and how those distinguishing features might pertain to the needs and aspirations of their student. 

What distinguishes Allison Academy from its competitors?

First of all – the strength and nature of the Allison community. In the most general sense, our community is caring and supportive, qualities that are manifest in our core relationships. For example, students benefit from teachers who work hard and effectively to support them academically and in their extra-curricular pursuits. It is also true that our students are supportive of one another; and they derive additional comfort from the support of their parents and even the parents of their friends. Students at Allison feel accepted and affirmed for who they are, even as they are encouraged to improve themselves in numerous ways.

Why families should choose Allison?

Allison is a very special place. Our community is grounded and representative of the larger society of which we are a part. We have a traditional reverence for academics, and we are equally committed to ensuring that our students grow through involvement in the arts, athletics, and service. Our school culture is one that values achievement and aspiration, and we pursue these goals through support and encouragement. In the end, we could not be more proud of the students who graduate from Allison Academy. And we welcome, in equal measures of pride and anticipation, the new families who join our community each year.

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