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Carolyn LongstreetMs. Longstreet grew up in North Miami Beach and is Allison Academy’s technology specialist. Graduating from North Miami Beach High School she became a certified EMT and paramedic graduate in 1985. Deciding to make a career change to business, Ms. Longstreet began working in accounting, office, operations and Business management and was President of a medical software company before opening her own software/hardware business in 2013.

A former tutoring student of Allison Academy, she returned to college in 1997, and earned her Associates degree from Broward Community College graduating with honors. After graduating from Broward, Ms. Longstreet attended Florida Atlantic University where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology. She is an advocate for victims rights and has her Victims Services Practitioners Designation from the State of Florida. Ms. Longstreet has been Allison Academy’s technology specialist for over fifteen years where she teaches Robotics/Coding and works in accounting.

Email: carolyn.longstreet@allisonacademy.com

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