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A major milestone for Allison Academy! Allison Academy has been selected to be presented at the World Education Summit as a “Cool School” – or, as the summit’s organizers put it, as an “incredible and unique school that advances education in a passionate and courageous way”. 

This event is one of the world’s largest educational conferences, WES21, which will take place online this year, from March 22 to March 25. 

Allison Academy as a "Cool School"

This year’s conference will include over 200 of the greatest names from the realm of education, award-winning authors of scientific bestsellers and leading experts on teaching from the greatest universities such as Cambridge University, the University of Virginia, the University Melbourne, University College London and many others. They will cover a number of topics related to contemporary education on eight stages. To measure the value of the honor this represents for Allison Academy, one may bear in mind that the prestigious Forbes magazine has declared the World Education Summit the education event of the year.

Allison Academy, as one of LINKgroup’s schools, along with several schools from different parts of the world, will be represented at this summit as a “Cool School”, i.e., as an example of commendable teaching practice.

Allison Academy – a leader in education

The World Education Summit’s recognition is a result of the dedicated work that makes Allison Academy recognizable throughout the entire world.

The Summit has recognized our school as a future-ready school where the students receive a comprehensive education conducive to a holistic and balanced approach. Through developing their academic knowledge and skills, digital competencies and transversal skills, utilizing the creative possibilities of modern technology, as well as the benefits of interdisciplinary lessons, project-based learning and social-emotional learning, contemporary students grow up to become happy, curious and independent young people ready for lifelong learning and advancement.

A truly different approach to education

Allison Academy is a unique school that sets a fresh standard, preparing students for 21st century life and work. 

This amount of success seems natural when one takes into consideration the fact that Allison Academy is a part of the LINKgroup Edu Alliance, an international educational alliance that has been working on the advancement of education for nearly 25 years and includes, besides Allison Academy, an elementary school, high schools, faculties, institutes and professional academies around the world. LINK Alliance is a prominent leader in modern education, whose institutions fulfill the high standards of teaching, placing an emphasis on the comprehensive development of children, continual evaluation and advancement of the teaching process, and creative interdisciplinary teaching.

According to an analysis performed by the World Economic Forum, as much as 65% of children that are starting school now will work in positions that do not yet exist – in other words, they will live in a future which we cannot even imagine right now. Therefore, Allison Academy’s primary objective is to equip the students with the knowledge and skills required for academic, professional and emotional success in that future. And in order to achieve that, it has boldly abandoned the old educational paradigm that dates as far back as the steam engine, to create a truly different approach, which enables it to earn the honor of being presented a “Cool School” at a great global education summit.

What does the “Cool” approach to education entail?

As it relies on the best academic paradigms and finds innovative ways to connect them with the latest developments in neuroscience and educational technology, Allison Academy is a flexible, creative and innovative school where learning is not passive, but done through problem solving; where children are able to advance the future in a creative and independent way.

This is why our students grow up smiling and curious, taking bold strides through their unique adventure of learning and friendship.