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Today, kids do not go out nearly as much as they used to, and because of this, most of our youth has seen a greater disconnect from nature. However, at Allison Academy, Mr. Gilfoy’s Environmental Club is partnering with Mrs. Milner’s Art Club to change this for the students of Allison Academy.

Environmental and Art Club

Uniting Environmental Club and Art Club

Starting from scratch, and with the use of recycled paints and materials, these two clubs are building the school’s first ever communal garden!

Currently, the students have just been gathering the materials, planting seeds, and clearing the grounds to set the foundation for the garden. The garden will not only serve as a lovely addition to the school grounds, but also as a living laboratory to further the environmental science learning experience!

“The best way to educate kids about the environment and biology is through hands-on experience with it”, stated Mr. Gilfoy.

Thomas Gilfoy

This project is a way to reconnect students to their food source, which in turn, will connect them to other living things.