Every academic year, our school opens its doors to welcome both students from Florida and International Students as well who want more from their education. They can choose our full time program which offers a modern academic approach and small class sizes.

Thank you for choosing Allison Academy for your child.

Fees and Payments
Full price$20000
Reduced price until 30th April:$17000
  • 1st Tuition Payment/Deposit (Payment deadline: July 20, 2021) – $1000
  • 2nd through 11th Tuition Payments (Payment: August 20, 2021- May 20, 2022) – $1600


Mandatory Fees
Registration fee — Non-refundable (Payment deadline: June 3, 2021)$450 ($400, if paid by April 15th)
Computer/book/supply fee (Payment deadline: July 1, 2021)$600
Activity Fee (Payment deadline: August 1, 2021)$150
Field Trips - local (Payment deadline: August 1, 2021)$120
PTO Dues$60

Benefits according to payment method

Payments to Allison Academy can be made in:

  • 1 installment;
  • 2 installments (1 per semester);
  • 4 installments (1 per quarter);
  • or monthly on the 20th of each month.

If you chooses the option to pay monthly, your first payment is due in August and your final payment will be do in May.

Other payment benefits

  • $1,000 special discount for additional family members
  • For more information, please call 305-940-3922.

Important notes:

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