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Students at Allison Academy are involved actively in both the classroom and in school life. They can speak up and have their voices heard through their representatives in the Student Government.

Student GovernmentAllowing students to choose their own

Student Government elections are held in the fall, during first semester for students to freely elect their officers and representatives. Every student has the right to vote and to run for Student Government. Through campaigns students can present themselves to their fellow students so everyone can make informed decisions and join in the process.

The Student Government has a weekly meeting throughout the year to organize and make plans for school activities and socials, and to voice their opinions about a variety of school subjects or issues.

With the valuable insights and smart suggestions the students give, Allison Academy has become the school that it is now – a place with plenty of resources, where students can live and learn in a safe and healthy environment.

Practicing democracy

Through the process of Student Government elections, before students graduate not only do they learn how democracy works, but they also take part in core democratic practices, such as presenting themselves during campaigns to win elections, speeches and campaign literature.

In this way they can become valuable citizens that can participate in the democratic processes which are essential for the society we live in.

All students participate in a wide range of services through community activities and programs. In addition, faculty are encouraged and supported in their pursuits of community involvement.

In the spring of 1991, the State of Florida passed the Pupil Progression Plan with a rule that states that all high school students are required to serve 75 community service hours in order to receive a diploma upon graduation. This established community service is a stand-alone graduation requirement.

Carefully listening to our students

Allison Academy is the place where student voices are carefully listened to because their health and happiness are of utmost importance. That is why this is a school that is tailored for students and their educational, intellectual, social and emotional needs.

Through discussions and exchange of opinions, together we make the best decisions for the future of our students.

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