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A part of the Cambridge Network International

Allison Academy is proud to be one of 240 top schools that are part of Cambridge Network International. Cambridge Network International offers excellent opportunities for prospective students to be placed in thoroughly vetted homes. The network is spread in 39 states with all schools located near 12 major cities providing students with amenities and attractions. In 2014, 62% of students that participated in Cambridge Network International were admitted to the top 100 universities in America.

Cambridge Network

Safe and cozy place for your child development

Through this program, our foreign students will be placed in environments that meet the Cambridge Network’s Golden Standard: ”Love. Guide. Nurture.” These comfortable accommodations will provide your child with a safe and peaceful place for study and living.

  • Cambridge Network is a CSIET-approved organization, an accredited agency of school placement and homestay providers.
  • Cambridge host families must pass a 5-criteria selection process to ensure your child is placed with a safe, reliable and compassionate family committed to Cambridge contractual obligations.
  • The 2,000 host families in the Cambridge Network have undergone rigorous background checks and are subject to regular visits and annual appraisal.
  • Cambridge Network has set a record of 3.8 million incident-free days for students in their network.

Making sure your child will adapt

In addition, Cambridge network’s professionals will monitor each students’ activities and offer ongoing support for their academic program as well as their after school activities to make the entire experience successful. These professionals will always be there for your child, being the liaison between parents, school and the host family.

With a supportive six-to-one student service system your child will have no problem adapting to school life. Cambridge 600+ staff coming from 20+ countries around the world and speaking 50+ languages with 85% having studied abroad and with tutors who truly understand cultural differences your child will have all the love, understanding and support.

Diversified community programs, rich extracurricular activities for well rounded development and support of welcoming student communities, will offer your child a firm sense of belonging and allow them to freely explore all the opportunities that studying in America bring.

Most valuable experience for your child

Studying in America is a great opportunity for your child to gain a sense of independence, develop critical and analytical thinking and explore new ways of learning while making new friends and grasping different cultures.

We will be there for them all the way.

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